Daily Accession Counts

Does your medical lab need an easier way to manage and analyze your day-to-day data? Toro Tech Solutions provides Automated Daily Accession Counts that give medical institutions access to invaluable comprehensive reports for daily, high-level overviews of operations.

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How we solve your problems

Thas been working with healthcare organizations for 30 years. With that specialized experience, we’ve developed cutting-edge technology and software solutions that make your job more efficient, organized, and productive.

We’ve worked with many medical labs that have the same issues: they need ways to make data from daily accession counts more manageable. Manually searching for this data is time-consuming, and solutions for automating laboratories’ data processes have been hard to find in the past.

We provide the solution to your need for automated reports in the form of Automated Daily Accession Counts.

How Your Automated Daily Accession Count Works

  • Your Daily Count captures the real number of accessions and requisitions your laboratory collects each day.
  • We filter the report according to your preferences to show numbers for individual sales reps, patient service centers or draw stations, clients, payers, and more.
  • You receive this report automatically via email each day.
  • We can customize the report layout to suit your specific needs and processes.

Why Automated Daily Counts Are Invaluable for Medical Labs

A daily automated accession report has become a staple of what we offer to medical laboratories. It is the report that our clients most rely on to track progress and increase productivity.

  • A quick daily look at where you are as a business
  • A valuable overview for sales staff to see exactly how many specimens each client is sending in
  • A review of how sales staff are performing, where requests are coming from, and holes in business you can work to fill

Variance Reports show the daily, weekly, and monthly changes in accessions over any set period of time (this can also be filtered by sales rep, PSCs, and all the other categories available in an Automated Daily Accession Count).

Successful Labs Use Automated Counts

Using these counts, we have helped labs exponentially increase the number of specimens they process daily. We give our clients tangible, essential tools that help them bring their labs to the next level.

Want to see more? Here are a few examples of real-life daily accession counts used by actual medical labs:

Daily Accession Count Daily Accession Count by Revenue Center

Give your lab an efficiency boost.

If your medical lab doesn’t yet have access to our automated daily counts, contact us today to get automated daily accession counts set up for your lab.

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